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Bio-weight loss supplement due to natural fat burning Keto Guru relieves side effects of transition to ketosis, headache, body aches, weakness, fatigue, accelerates entering ketosis up to 30-40 minutes. You can buy Keto Guru effervescent tablets in the UK from the manufacturer's website. To order, you must fill out the form on the website, indicating your name and contact phone number. A full month course can be purchased for $39.60. There is a 50% discount when ordering a product.

Doctor's recommendations

Doctor Nutritionist Oliver Doctor Oliver
16 years
Nutrition and obesity problems in the UK are acute. Unless contraindicated, I recommend a ketone diet. Going into ketosis is usually bad for you. Patients complain of fatigue, drowsiness, headaches. With the introduction of the Keto Guru effervescent tablets, the problems with ketosis are gone. The composition of the preparation compensates for the lack of energy, nutrition, and nervous regulation. Everyone who added Keto Guru effervescent tablets to ketosis felt a surge of strength and energy and received results, losing weight by 12-14 kg in one month. After the termination of the course, the effect of weight loss continues.

Keto Guru - an innovative way to lose weight

Obesity problem

There are many nutritional problems in the world, and one of them is the large number of people who are overweight.

This is due to the wide variety, nutritional appeal, and availability of diets high in simple carbohydrates. An excess of carbohydrates leads to metabolic disorders, the deposition of subcutaneous and visceral fat.

Excess fat in the body leads to excessive stress on the cardiovascular, respiratory, musculoskeletal systems and has a destructive effect on the immune system.

The new popular ketone diet in the world

One of the innovations in weight loss nutrition is a low-carbohydrate ketone diet designed to switch energy metabolism to the breakdown of fats. It consists in strictly limiting the consumption of simple carbohydrates and replacing them with fats and proteins.

how the ketone diet works

The idea of the ketone diet is the prehistoric adaptations of the human body to feeding on animal food. The ketone diet with genetic adaptation to the ancient form of nutrition rejuvenates the human body, returning it to ancient times.

The ketone diet assumes a restructuring of the mechanism of consumption of carbohydrates, which are broken down into glucose for energy metabolism in cells and glycogen, which is stored in the liver as an energy reserve. The breakdown and transport of these substances is regulated by the hormone insulin.

The transformation of fats for energy is regulated by the hormone glucagon, which controls the enzymatic breakdown of lipids into glycerol and ketone bodies. The latter serve as a source of energy when glycogen stores are depleted.

Insulin and glucagon are synthesized in the pancreas as needed, depending on the composition of the food. In the case of excess carbohydrates in the diet, insulin is released, and with a protein-fat diet, glucagon replaces the regulator.

The inclusion of glucagon in energy metabolism activates the processes of splitting its own fat reserves in the body, which leads to weight loss and weight loss.

Difficulties of switching to a ketone diet

Ideally, a ketone diet looks like this: 60-70% fat, 20-30% protein, and 5-10% complex carbohydrates (plant fiber).

The transition to such a diet for many overweight patients is difficult, due to the need to restructure the metabolic processes of breaking down and eating habits.

Until the glycogen stores are depleted, the level of ketone bodies increases slowly. Fat reserves during this period are not split, due to the presence of energy drinks that are more familiar to the body.

This transition of energy metabolism is facilitated by a new invention of pharmacists - a natural bio-supplement for weight loss due to natural fat burning, called "Keto Guru".

How the Keto Guru effervescent tablets work

Keto Guru action

Keto Guru effervescent tablets contain substances that accelerate the transition to ketosis.

Natural ingredients of bio-supplements replenish vitamins and microelements necessary for life and accelerate the production of ketone bodies.

Also, the components of the supplement reduce the appetite for sugary foods, alleviate the keto flu, improve mood and intellectual abilities.

Composition of Keto Guru tablets

In connection with the keto diet, there is a washout and insufficient intake of nutrients, without which metabolic processes are disrupted. These substances are included in Keto Guru.

All ingredients of Keto Guru bio-supplement are obtained from natural materials, so they have a minimum of side effects.

Clinical studies of the bio-supplement action

In connection with the novelty of the composition of the Keta Guru bio-supplement, clinical studies were carried out with the participation of voluntarily connected clients. The tests were carried out at the German Institute of Human Nutrition, Berlin. The study involved 100 overweight patients (80% women and 20% men). All of them took Keto Guru effervescent tablets according to the standard regimen for 1 month.

Research results are shown in the table.

Table. Weight Loss Results with Keto Guru Clinical Trials

Indicators of weight loss (kg body weight) Percentage of subjects with a result per 100 subjects Percentage of subjects with adverse reactions
15% 43% 0%
10-15% 52% 0%
ten% 3% 0%
1-5% 2% 0%
0% 0% 0%

All subjects received a positive result of varying degrees. The largest number of patients taking Keto Guru were in the group with weight loss rates of 10 to 15% (~ 52 people). 43% successfully lost more than 15% of their original body weight. No adverse reactions were reported. After the end of the drug intake, the weight remains at the same level.

How to buy Keto Guru

With the growing number of people seeking weight loss with effervescent tablets, it is difficult to find Keto Guru on pharmacy shelves in the UK. The most advantageous offer to buy a bio-supplement is to order a full monthly course of the drug on the manufacturer's official website. The price of such a course, in the amount of 3 packs, is determined by cost price $39.60 - what is the cost in other countries.

UK manufacturer is interested in promoting the drug. The site periodically hosts promotions for the purchase of an increased volume of goods at a discount.

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